Using Tech to Help Kids with ADHD Thrive

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//The problem

Education is fundamentally broken.

The current US education system, particularly for children with special needs, is broken and often neglects students' individual needs. Parents are left struggling to educate their kids and even the e-learning has less than a 10% completion rate, so even if parents try to educate themselves in order to help their kids, they fail.


Of parents say that their child’s school doesn’t provide information on learning disabilities.


Of parents of children with learning disabilities believe they could do more to help their child.


Of parents of children with learning disabilities are struggling with or conflicted about their ability to help their child.


Of school-aged children will be failing or not enrolled in schools in just 10 years, by 2030.

Case Study under Development.

I'm still working on this case study. However, I am more than happy to share more details in an interview if needed.

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