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e-Learning Experience.

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Project Overview: Dondza is a mobile application designed to facilitate online learning and teaching in developing countries. The platform empowers users to learn at their own pace, language, and at an affordable price point. Its intuitive interface is designed to cater to both novice and experienced e-learning users.

Project problem

For many in developing countries online learning and teaching is often limited by affordability, usability, pricing, languages and payment methods.

Meet Dondza

An affordable and inclusive e-learning for all levels of users in multiple languages for developing countries.

The Solution

Dondza seeks to enhance the e-learning experience for all users.

Dondza is meant to be a go-to platform for all types of learners in developing countries. To accomplish that it was built to be effective, intuitive and really add value to people in their academic needs, while capturing revenue for the owners. Features include:

Ability to find courses that fit users specific needs.
Personalized experience and relevant content.
Courses that really advance careers
Simple, effective and transparent payment options
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certificate screen for dondza case study
Dicover the process

I used a combination of the Double Diamond and Design Thinking to solve the problem with both the target users and business in mind.

research insights.

After reviewing studies and interviewing 6 people, here's what I discovered people value the most.

Explore Solutions
Explore Solutions

Career Advancement

Users want to learn new and worthwhile things to either start or progress in careers.

Safety & Trustworthiness

Users don't use e-learning apps because don't trust them, and privacy issues.

"Online learning can be isolating, frustrating, and confusing. It's not for everyone." - Diana Matusse

Social Barriers

Users want to teach and learn but aren't comfortable because of digital illiteracy.

User Experience & Interface

Many of the target users find the available apps not as intuitive as they'd like.

"e-learning can be impersonal and lacks the interaction of a class." - Eliote Abdul

user personas

Personas helped me keep the user front and centered. And also to be more objective.

user persona for dondza case studyuser persona for dondza case study
The Problem Statement

People need better ways to both learn and teach online so that they can progress their careers and be more productive and effective.

Based on the Insights from Research, I Brainstormed Ideas to to address the pain-points. Always with the user and business in mind.

Career Advancement

HMW help users advance their careers with the courses they take?

User Experience & Interface

HMW make users enjoy the experience using the platform?

Social Barriers

HMW help users feel empowered to share the knowledge they have?

Social Barriers

HMW help users feel empowered to share the knowledge they have?

Career Advancement

HMW help users advance their careers with the courses they take?

Safety & Trustworthiness

HMW make users feel comfortable about paying for the courses?


With Personas, Ideas and a clear POV, I had a Better Idea of the Product Flow

Sketches & wireframes

Sketches were done using the old pen and paper, and then the mighty Figma.

donzda app design paper sketches
donzda app design paper sketches
donzda app design wireframes

With Dondza, People can Focus on Learning and Improve their Lives.

Search courses

Easily Find Courses that Fit Users Specific Needs.

Since users are already busy with their routines, the app makes it easy to search and find courses and lessons filtered by subject, instructors, size, and more. User can also browse and save courses for later.

Search and Filter Courses
Save for Later
My Courses
search filters screen for dondza case study
search screen for dondza case study
purchase review screen for dondza case study
instructor page screen for dondza case study
Checkout and Info Pages

Informed Purchase Decisions

For each course, there's a Course Page with details to help users make informed decisions. There's also a Instructor Page with details about instructors, including credentials, reviews, contact and, courses

Course Page
Instructor Page
Course and Instructor Review

Have Granular Control. By Default.

Users can choose buy entire courses or specific lessons. They only pay for what they really need. Once decided, there's a no-strings-attached checkout process. They can pay using whatever method comfortable.

Pay Course or Lessons
Hassle-free Checkout
Multiple Payment Methods
course cart screen for dondza case study
edit card screen for dondza case study
interests screen for dondza case study
home screen for dondza case study
Home & Explore

Get Personalized Experience.

The app not only encourages setting goals and reach them, it also gives users insights to help them track their progress and see what they can do better. They can get certificates after undergo an exam

Subjects of Interest
Language Preferences
Curated Homepage
Exams & certifications

Study and Get Insights

Dondza allows users to adjust preferences to their liking for things such as interests, course audio and captions, which in turn reflects in the app recommendations. Users can learn in the language of their hearts

Subjects of Interest
Language Preferences
Curated Homepage
final exam screen for dondza case study
certificate screen for dondza case study

Lessons & Next Steps.

Challenges Faced

As this was my first end-to-end project, I had to determine the ideal design process. I was overwhelmed by the amount of research data, so I re-evaluated my approach and focused on the most important information. I also had to be more self-directed in my work and get feedback from others. I learned the importance of having a clear design process, working independently, and getting feedback.

Lessons Learned

There is no definitive design process. Adapt the process to the project. Mentors and fellow designers can help when you hit a creative block. A clear project timeline is essential. Thoroughly identify the problem and audience before starting.

Next Steps

The project is just a start. I will continue to test and iterate on it. I will do usability tests, measure metrics, and perform a heuristic evaluation. I hope to bring this concept to life and make e-learning more affordable.

Next project

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